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ОГЭ Тест 12 Раздел чтение

Прочитайте тексты и определите, в каком из текстов A — F содержатся ответы на интересующие Вас вопросы 1 — 7. Один из вопросов останется без ответа.

A. The first call from a mobile phone was made in 1973. Motorola engineer Martin Cooper made the call from the pavement of Sixth Avenue in New York to show off to his competitor – engineer Joel Angel. He said, «I’m ringing you just to see if my call sounds good at your end.» With the first mobile phones, only voice calls were available and there was no texting facility.

B. Recently the most expensive phone in the world was presented. It is the iPhone 5 with a case made of 24 carat gold with 600 diamonds! The home button of the smartphone is made of a rare black diamond and the company logo is covered with small diamonds. The cost of this device is about $15 million. The technical characteristics of the iPhone 5 are no different from the regular models.

C. Mobile phones are permitted at school in the UK, but students are not allowed to use them in class. Teachers can take away phones if these rules are broken. School students can use their phones at breaktime and at lunchtime. However, some teachers in British schools complain that students don’t always follow the rules and that lessons are disrupted by people texting, receiving calls, looking at social networking sites, watching videos and even making videos in class.

D. The mobile phone is a way to warn people about disasters. Some countries have worked out the following system: phone companies automatically notify their population in advance about emergencies and disasters. Such warnings are very efficient and free of charge. Japan and Finland were among the first countries that understood the necessity of this system.

E. Parents want their kids to be safe. Are children safer with a mobile phone or without? Many parents want their children to have a phone so that they can be in contact at any time or in any place. On the other hand, for lots of parents a phone is a source of possible danger. Parents worry that their child may meet the wrong kind of ‘friends’ on social networking sites or that they might receive cruel messages from school bullies.

F. The idea of sending short text messages originated in 1984. It was later brought to life by a group of engineers from different companies. Writing text messages became extremely popular in Asian countries, especially in Korea. Korean teenagers are certainly text message fans. They send over 200,000 text messages a year — that’s more than sixty texts per day. This hobby must have made their fingers really fast.

ОГЭ Тест 12 Раздел чтение

1. Young people of which country are the fastest at texting?
2. Who made the first mobile call and why?
3. Are the rules of using phones in school always followed by students?
4. Which mobile phone has no other advantages but glamour?
5. Why can a mobile phone be dangerous for children?
6. What are the safety tips of using mobile phones?
7. How can a mobile phone message save your life?

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