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ОГЭ Тест 31 Раздел чтение

Установите соответствие между заголовками 1 — 8 и текстами A — G. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

A. Jeans are one of fashion’s most long enduring trends. Cowboys wear them but so do supermodels, farmers, presidents and housewives. Ask any group of people why they wear jeans and you will get a range of answers. For some they’re comfortable and easy – for others they’re trendy and cool. Jeans mean different things to different people, but they are popular everywhere.

B. Americans do not have a national folk dress with a long tradition. Blue jeans are probably the most recognisable article of American clothing. They have been part of American life for over 125 years. Blue denim jeans became not only an expression of American fashion but also an element of American identity known around the world.

C. Jeans were first designed as trousers for farmers and miners in the states of the American West. They quickly grew popular with common people, including cowboys, factory employees and railroad builders. The new trousers were made from a very strong material which did not wear out easily. However, at the same time jeans were very practical and comfortable to wear.

D. Pockets were the weak point of the miners’ clothes – they easily tore away from the jeans. A man called Jacob Davis had the idea of using metal rivets (fasteners) to hold the pockets and the jeans together so that they wouldn’t tear. Davis wanted to patent his idea, but he didn’t have enough money, so he offered Levi Strauss a deal if Strauss paid for the patent. Strauss accepted and started making jeans.

E. By the middle of the twentieth century, these heavy cotton trousers had become a symbol of opposition for young artists and writers. College students started to wear them to show they were against the Vietnam War. The new trousers were banned in American schools from coast to coast and sometimes in theatres and cinemas.

F. Jeans are good because they don’t show the dirt. You can easily go a month without washing them and they don’t look shocking. They don’t need to be washed as often as other trousers and you don’t need to iron them. What’s more, because of the strong material you can wear your favorite jeans for years. Even the occasional hole or spot doesn’t spoil them at all.

G. In the 30s and 40s many people began to spend their spare time watching movies where adventurous cowboys rode horses, fought bad guys and wore blue jeans. The actors made jeans popular in movies and everyone wanted to wear them. Young people wished to imitate the casual “cowboyish” look they saw in films, and they began to wear jeans as casual wear.

ОГЭ Тест 30 Раздел чтение

1. Good for everyone
2. Easy to care for
3. Part of culture
4. Screen fashion
5. An innovative idea
6. Working clothes
7. Jeans’ labels
8. Clothes to protest

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