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ОГЭ Тест 43 Раздел чтение

Установите соответствие между заголовками 1 — 8 и текстами A — G. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

A. Nothing brings back memories like a particular smell. Whether it’s of Christmas pine, your grandma’s fresh-baked gingerbread, or cookies, the scents of Christmas are truly special. In the days leading up to this day, the house fills with the wonderful rich, spicy smells of vanilla, cinnamon and ginger coming from the kitchen, promising delights to come.

B. Some of the most pleasant scents after a hard day are vanilla, lavender, and scents with cinnamon or ginger. Each combination of aromas can influence you positively. For example, vanilla’s sweet scent can help you if you feel sad, lonely, or depressed. It is a naturally warming aroma. Cinnamon is good in case you feel tired; it also has a wonderful effect on your nerves, calming you down.

C. The ability to smell is linked to our ability to remember things. When you first smell a new thing, you connect it to an event, a person, or even a moment. As a result, later the smell of cookies might remind you of spending time at your grandmother’s house when you were a small child. When you come across the smell a second or third time, the link is already there, ready to bring out a certain mood.

D. There are certain smells we can identify from a mile away – almost as if they’re preprogrammed into our minds. One of them is vanilla. Today, vanilla is in our coffee, perfumes, tea, home products, body lotion, and everywhere! Both the scent and taste of vanilla are very strong and long-lasting. It is considered one of the most popular scents and flavours in the world.

E. A new study suggests that we can smell not only aromas but feelings as well – fear, happiness, disgust and joy. The experiments proved that we can find out how a person feels even if we neither see nor hear him. Nerves inside our nose take informative messages about the person and his emotional state to the brain. However, the mechanism of how this happens is not yet clear.

F. Our sense of smell does 80% of the job when we taste various foods. Without a sense of smell you can’t taste the difference between an apple and a potato or a glass of juice and a cup of cold coffee. This is why, when our nose is blocked by a cold, most foods seem tasteless. Our sense of smell becomes stronger when we are hungry.

G. There are many good reasons to believe that we all have our own particular smell. Research has proved that our smell might distinguish us from others just as our face does. Our smell is as personal as our fingerprints. For centuries the police have used this phenomenon to catch criminals. Maybe one day they will use our scent too.

ОГЭ Тест 43 Раздел чтение

1. A widely used aroma
2. Making meals different.
3. A relaxing effect
4. Scents and colours
5. Another unique characteristic
6. Holiday scents
7. Creating memories
8. Smelling emotions.

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