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Чтение и понимание текста (5)

Чтение и понимание текста (5)Чтение и понимание текста является основным из базовых навыков для студентов, изучающих иностранный язык. Работа с текстом также входит в состав всех экзаменов — от школьных до международных. Прочитайте текст ниже и, проанализировав его, ответьте на предложенные вопросы. Уровень теста — средний.

This is a true story about Susannah Rodgers, a British Paralympic swimmer.

Susannah Rogers, often called ‘Susie’ by her fans, is a professional athlete, Paralympic Gold medalist and multiple European and British record holder in different swimming styles. She has won a total of 30 international medals including 17 Gold medals! Susie competed at two Paralympic Games*. At the London 2012 Paralympic Games she won three Bronze medals. In 2016 at the Rio de Janeiro summer Paralympic Games, Susie won a gold medal and became a Paralympics champion. This was the biggest achievement of her life!

Susie Rogers was born in 1983 in England. She was born without a fully formed arm and leg on the left side of her body. Susie first learned to swim as a child. She, at this time, was not thinking of becoming a professional swimmer. This interest came later. ‘When I was 25 years old, I watched the British team at the 2008 Summer Paralympics and got inspired by the swimmers. I thought I could also be one of them!’said Susie in one of her interviews.

Among the very prestigious awards and medals Susie was able to win, she has a very special one. The award is called an MBE, which means ‘Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’ and is given by the Queen to the individual ‘for outstanding service to the community’. This is what Susie writes in her blog about how she received her MBE: ‘I got ready in the morning and put on my clothes and, most importantly, my hat, and headed to the Mall with my Mother to receive my MBE for services to Para Swimming at Buckingham Palace. I was very nervous when I arrived. I always find it strange when you are allowed to walk into the Palace and the crowds are watching you and taking photos just before you go in! It was lovely to see some of the members of the Royal family there too, including Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and also some of my Paralympics swimming team friends. The Prince of Wales was awarding the honours, which made it extremely special for us all! As I waited for my surname to be announced, I looked around the Ball Room, in which the beautiful music was performed by the orchestra. It was a magical moment! The sounds of music from the orchestra were fantastic. I felt like in a fairy tale! Then somebody called out my name. The Prince of Wales spoke briefly to me about my medal and asked me how long I had been swimming and in a brief moment it was over, just like my win in Rio. I got my medal straight from him! I was lucky to be there and to share the wonderful moments of my life with some of the people that have been a part of my journey because I didn’t do it alone.’ After winning the gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Susannah Rogers decided to retire. Now she leads an active social life. She is a big supporter of London Disability Swimming Club. She is also a disability sports coach.

Чтение и понимание текста (5)

1. 1. This is the story of a woman who
2. 2. When did Susie realise that she wanted to be a professional athlete?
3. 3. The MBE is an award which is given to
4. 4. When Susie came to Buckingham Palace, she felt quite
5. 5. Among many other things what made Susie feel as if she was in a fairy tale?
6. 6. The person who gave Susie the MBE at Buckingham Palace was
7. 7. At present, Susannah Rogers
8. 8. Which of the following would be the best title for this text?

Чтение и понимание текста (5)

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