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Чтение и понимание текста (4)

test-1Одним из обязательных заданий на многих языковых олимпиадах, а также экзаменах является чтение и понимание текста. Предлагаем вам выполнить одно из таких заданий. Уровень теста - средний. 

Several years ago, a British TV company decided to carry out an experiment and find out if a student’s success and behaviour depended on the quality of his school. For this purpose, the TV company selected a student from a poor family, Ryan Bell. At his school, which was not considered the best, Ryan regularly caused problems and was in conflict with his teachers and other students. He was not a good student and his grades in every subject were below average. The experiment was a stroke of luck for the 14-year-old boy. The TV company sent Ryan to an expensive private school where he had every opportunity to study well. When he was asked if he might have trouble adjusting to the new school, Ryan simply responded, ‘Don’t worry, all 14-year-old guys are the same – we like cars and girls!’

In many ways Ryan’s first year at his new school was a success. He was brilliant at Latin and joined the rugby team where he was one of the best players. His mother was very proud. She hoped her son would get a good education, earn money and even support her. Ryan had never dreamt of going to university before. Now, he started talking of becoming a TV journalist. At his new school Ryan got on well with the other students. There were a few problems but they were not serious at first. The first incident was when Ryan was caught drawing graffiti on the wall. The school didn’t pay attention to that, but when Ryan took another boy’s mobile phone without asking, the school authorities did not allow him to attend classes for a week.

A week after that, Ryan and his school friends went to the nearest town and bought some beer. Ryan drank so much that he got sick and was taken to hospital. The school sent him away and did not allow him to return to school because he had already been in trouble twice before. Many people thought it was unfair because he was due to take his exams a month later. The school insisted that the rules were the same for everyone. After Ryan left his second school, the public started to criticize the experiment. Some argued that Ryan had been under too much pressure and that it was unfair not to allow him to attend classes. Everyone seems to agree that Ryan should be given a chance to continue his studies at the university.

Чтение и понимание текста (4)

1. A TV company is mentioned in the text to tell us that
2. At his old school Ryan
3. Ryan was sure he would not have problems at his new school because he
4. What does the writer say about Ryan’s achievements at his new school?
5. Ryan’s mother thought
6. At first in his new school Ryan had
7. Ryan was taken to hospital because he
8. Which of the following would be the best title for the article?

4 Comments on Чтение и понимание текста (4)

  1. // 2016-09-12 //

    И опять в 6 задании ошибка…Ну, тексты я всегда любил переводить,здесь я и не сомневался,что ниже «хорошо» не будет

  2. // 2016-09-13 //

    @Александр, наши тесты предназначены исключительно для того, чтобы студенты могли сами проверить свои знания. Но на академических тестах, когда от результата зависят серьезные вещи, следует быть внимательнее.

  3. // 2016-09-13 //

    Хорошо,а вот скажите,у меня есть вопросы,связанные непосредственно с использованием английского языка,я их могу задавать по указанным e-mail и Skype адресам?

  4. // 2016-09-13 //

    @Александр, да, пишите лучше на е-мейл.

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