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Тест — Чтение и понимание текста (1)

test-1При сдаче различных экзаменов от студентов часто требуется работа с текстами. Предлагаем вам пройти тест на чтение и понимание текста. Прочитайте текст и, проанализировав его, ответьте на предложенные вопросы. Уровень теста - средний.

Dear Manager,

I started to work for your company as a guide about six months ago. I know that it’s my job to make sure that everything goes well for the tourists and I do what I can to make them feel safe and comfortable. But something quite unpleasant happened to me last weekend, though I don’t think I must be blamed for this.

Last Saturday I met a group of Spanish tourists at the airport and took them to the bus. The bus driver has been working for our company for about ten years. He is quite an experienced and patient person but this time he was a bit annoyed. The reason was that the flight was two hours late and the driver had to wait longer than usual. But it wasn’t far to the hotel and the tourists were looking forward to their
dinner as they were very tired and hungry. We normally take our tourists to The Sunshine hotel, but this time it was hosting an international conference and was fully booked. So I took the group to another hotel called The Edelweiss which I had booked two days before and was sure my tourists would get rooms there as well as late dinner.

I hadn’t used The Edelweiss hotel before and didn’t quite know what kind of service they had. When I announced our arrival at the reception desk, they said the hotel was full and didn’t have a single place for our group. Although I had booked rooms for the group beforehand, the manager said that somebody phoned a day before and said that we didn’t need the rooms any more. The manager insisted that he recognized my voice and that it was I who made the phone call and cancelled the order. We had a bit of an argument but obviously the real reason was that the hotel was full and couldn’t have more guests. In the end the manager phoned other hotels in the town and found rooms for my tourists, but in four different hotels. By this time the bus driver had gone so we had to get taxis and some of the tourists
started to get very angry with me. I still don’t know who made that phone call but it definitely wasn’t me. I hope you will understand the situation and won’t blame me for what happened that day. I’ve learnt a lot while working at your company and would like to continue doing the job.


Sophia Blake

Чтение и понимание текста (1)

1. Sophia is writing to the manager because she wants to ...
2. The bus driver was not happy because
3. The Edelweiss hotel couldn’t receive the guests because
4. Some of the tourists were angry because
5. In the end who found the rooms for the tourists?
6. What is the writer trying to do?
7. The writer probably feels
8. Which of the following would be the best title for the text?

8 Comments on Тест — Чтение и понимание текста (1)

  1. // 2017-04-06 //

    Thanks you

  2. // 2017-11-29 //

    Very good

  3. // 2018-02-23 //

    I’d be chosen first answer in the last question 🙂

  4. // 2018-02-25 //

    @Tigran, I’d be chosen = меня бы выбрали.
    MInd your grammar!

  5. // 2018-10-01 //

    Добрый день, спасибо за ваш сайт. Есть вопрос, как объяснить употребление, инфинитива с частицей to после модального глагола can, во втором предложении? Спасибо.

  6. // 2018-10-03 //

    @Elena, I do what I can to make them feel safe — я делаю все, что могу, чтобы они почувствовали себя в безопасности.
    Здесь слова can и to make фактически стоят в разных предложениях и не связаны друг с другом.

  7. // 2018-10-03 //

    Спасибо большое!

  8. // 2018-10-30 //

    Thank you very much! It is very interesting to test own knowledge!

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